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Press Release

HDA Progress Report, July 2020

It’s been just over six weeks since we launched the HDA. It began with a series of texts, phone calls, and Zoom calls, when we saw an immediate opportunity during the season’s COVID-19 ‘pause’ to organize and create a platform to end racism and intolerance in hockey. Both inspired and shocked by actions across North America in the wake of George Floyd’s death, and drawing on our own experience, we quickly determined we could draw attention and resources to racism and intolerance that we have faced throughout our careers and lives. Here is a brief update of what we’ve been up to in the six weeks since.

Appointment of HDA Advisory Board

The advisory board has been appointed to provide a professional framework for the HDA and our initiatives moving forward. We’ve added an all-star cast, including Chris George (Head), a former NHL draft pick and current Toronto Bay Street wealth advisor; Glen Lewis (Deputy Head), a senior Bay Street legal counsel; Ted Frankel, a partner in the litigation group at a prominent Toronto law firm; Kevin Johnson, CEO, Canada for a leading multinational media communications agency; and Rico Phillips, Willie O’Ree Community Hero Award winner. We are confident in this team’s ability to deliver our vision of creating lasting change at all levels of our sport.

Kadri and Duclair join HDA Founders

The HDA founders’ group is now set with the additions of NHL veteran Nazem Kadri and current player Anthony Duclair. Nazem and Anthony bring with them unique perspectives and experiences, dedication to eradicate systemic racism and intolerance in hockey, and commitment to inspire a new and diverse generation of hockey players and fans.

Meetings with Key Hockey Organizations

We have either met with, or made plans to meet with the NHL, NHLPA, Hockey Canada, USA Hockey, and a number of teams and team owners. While these organizations have not made any formal commitments as of yet, we are encouraged by our ongoing dialogue.

HDA Brand Launch

Along with this website, we’ve launched a new HDA logo and brand. Our logo represents our values. The stick, and the stylized hockey rink shape of the ‘D’, are symbols of our sport. The ‘D’ is enlarged and in front of the stick, putting ‘Diversity’ at the forefront. The three letters connected by the stick create a visual metaphor for the hockey community coming together and aligning to build a more diverse and accepting culture. For logo usage and inquiries please contact