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Founding Partner

Kraft Heinz

Kraft Heinz Canada has established a long legacy of supporting community hockey through its Kraft Hockeyville program, which is committed to breaking down barriers and encouraging participation on and off the ice. We are proud to be extending this commitment to underrepresented communities as a Founding Partner of the Hockey Diversity Alliance.

We believe grassroots programming is an important catalyst to inspiring a new, more diverse generation of players and fans. We know a love for hockey often starts before players hit the ice and ball hockey is an effective way to help young Canadians connect with the game. That’s why we are proudly supporting the HDA and their programming by equipping children and youth in underrepresented communities with the ball and road hockey equipment they need to participate and develop a passion for the game.

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Eager anticipation: A little girl patiently waiting to start her ball hockey lesson, with excitement and curiosity written on her face.



Budweiser has a long history of supporting hockey, and as a brand that believes this game is for us all, we recognize the obligation we have to continue to learn and evolve with the game to make it better for generations to come.

To help drive visibility for the movement and encourage action beyond social conversation, Budweiser and the HDA have designed a physical roll of hockey tape featuring words of support and solidarity from fans, and players. One dollar from every roll of #TapeOutHate hockey tape will go towards the HDA and its mission to eradicate racism in hockey.

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Budweiser #TapeOutHate campaign: Image featuring the campaign logo, promoting inclusivity and unity in the hockey community.


Canadian Tire

Canadian Tire Corporation (CTC) was founded in 1922, and for over a century has provided Canadians with products for life in Canada. Our Brand Purpose – that We Are Here to Make Life in Canada Better – drives our commitment to people and community. As one of Canada’s largest retailers, we believe that we owe it to Canada, which has given us so much, to make it a better place for all Canadians. CTC and its family of companies (Canadian Tire Retail, Sport Chek, and Pro Hockey Life) are leaders in hockey and provide Canadians with a specialty hockey experience for players from grassroots to elite levels.

CTC is working with HDA to support a more inclusive sport for all Canadians by supporting the growth of HDA’s Grassroots Original Hockey League, removing financial barriers for children and families in underserved communities, and promoting diverse representation in hockey to drive positive and sustainable change in the sport.

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Young hockey player proudly posing in front of the Canadian Tire logo, showcasing passion for the game and community support.



As a leading designer, manufacturer, and marketer of hockey equipment, CCM is dedicated to driving inclusion in hockey and breaking down entry barriers into the sport by contributing to grassroots programs and hockey development. CCM is devoted to making hockey feel welcome and accessible to players of all genders, races, ages, and socioeconomic backgrounds. CCM is proud to support the HDA by donating full hockey kits for kids to hit the ice and experience Canada’s favorite pastime. We are steadfast in our shared goal to help grow and diversify the game in communities that need it most, as well as furthering the HDA’s mission to eradicate intolerance and systemic racism in hockey.

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A Grassroots Original Hockey League player glides across the rink, stick in hand, poised for action.

Silent Protest: Hockey player taking a knee during the national anthem, demonstrating a peaceful stance for social justice and equality.
Young fans eagerly stepping onto the ice before an NHL game, filled with excitement and anticipation for the thrilling hockey experience ahead.
Change the
Respectful Protest: Hockey players taking a knee during the national anthem, symbolizing a peaceful protest and a call for social justice.
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Join us in helping make hockey a more inclusive and diverse sport.

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