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Supporting Communities

Learn about our extra-curricular programs for kids, apprenticeship programs for youth, scholarships, and off-ice supports.


Extra-Curricular Programs

HDA sponsors and creates a variety of extra-curricular programs for kids and youth through our partnerships with local foundations.

Programs are connected to the sport of hockey, ranging from attending first hockey games to visiting museums as a group.

  • Sporting Events
  • Arts & Culture
  • Activities
  • Community Events
  • Player Experiences


Mentorship Programs

To help foster the next generation of hockey coaches, we’ve teamed up with local hockey organizations to create unique apprenticeship programs for high school students. Each apprentice works with three coaches, gets paid, and connected to other programs that help them advance their hockey careers.


Off-Ice Support

We know how important on-ice support is for youth, but off-ice support is equally important. Ontario high school students can volunteer with HDA to reach their 40 hours of volunteer hours required to graduate. Responsibilities include being involved with the On-Ice program, helping coaches with attendance, supporting coaches, and more.



Through Akim Aliu’s foundation, Time To Dream, HDA is proud to offer scholarships to children and youth.

The Time to Dream Foundation aims to make youth sports, including the game of hockey, more diverse, inclusive, affordable and accessible to all — regardless of race, gender and socioeconomic background. The foundation strongly focuses on promoting equality and tolerance not only within sports, but also within society, while advocating for civil rights and fairness. By removing barriers to participation, Time to Dream leverages the sporting experience to help youth achieve success in life.

Community Partners

Silent Protest: Hockey player taking a knee during the national anthem, demonstrating a peaceful stance for social justice and equality.
Young fans eagerly stepping onto the ice before an NHL game, filled with excitement and anticipation for the thrilling hockey experience ahead.
Change the
Respectful Protest: Hockey players taking a knee during the national anthem, symbolizing a peaceful protest and a call for social justice.
Face of Hockey

Join us in helping make hockey a more inclusive and diverse sport.

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